Chin Chin

The renegade of the Australian dining scene, we do things our own way.

Since 2011, Chin Chin has earned its place in Melbourne’s cultural tapestry. Even though we’ve become a so-called institution, we’re definitely not an establishment. Fuelled by chaotic, relentless energy that affects everyone who comes in, our antics defy the usual culinary pretensions. We believe in making dining truly democratic, it doesn’t matter who you are or who you know, you just need to be into it to be in at Chin Chin.

We don’t just make (admittedly, amazing) food, we make a statement. The dining, music and art scenes converge at Chin Chin and we’re an instigator in them, never a spectator. We elevate what inspires us and those around us, exposing you to a new experience with every visit.