Chin Chin

The pace at which Chin Chin earned its place in Melbourne’s cultural tapestry was astonishing. In 2011 we set out on a mission to democratise dining by creating a social hub where every guest was equal, and even on the busiest of nights got to dine with us. Today, this is still the case.

The Chin Chin experience is based on more than just food. Listen to curated playlists by one of Australia’s most respected djs. See art exhibited on the walls by both established and emerging artists. Get taken care of by an eclectic group of passionate individuals who love what they do.

Chin Chin is all about a sensory overload and giving our guests something they just can’t help but keep coming back for.

Located at the intersection of two of the cities most iconic laneways, Chin Chin is a quintessentially Australian restaurant with a South East Asian injection.