Astro Morphs

October 2019


Astro Morphs is an audiovisual collaboration initiated in 2017 by Perth duo Bianca Sharkey and James Doohan, operating under the pseudonyms Sox and Yow. Astro Morphs use live performance, music, animation, and video to explore the possibilities of alternative evolutionary pathways and fictional extra-terrestrial molecular ecology. Drawing on their backgrounds in visual art, science, dance and costume making, Astro Morphs’ practice is a playful celebration of movement and biology. Their video titled Astro Morphs, Ascension, which follows two polymorphic life forms into the future, as they become part of a ‘thriving biofilm’. Set against a backdrop of psychedelic colour fields, the video draws together flamboyant micro-organisms and the surreal macro-landscapes of other worlds.

Created by and featuring Astro Morphs
Additional Filming by Amanda Nella at Qcumber Studios
Extra Footage by Cormac and Beth Sharkey
Additional audio recording by Lewis Waters at New Complexity
Additional performers: Evelyn Dunn, Ewan Dunn, Thalea Dunn, Aidenne Sharkey, and Aisling Sharkey


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